About The Work

Missions Updates, Philosophy and Methodology

This is the first video in our collection of new videos about our work. We’ll be adding regularly.

Scroll down for a map of our area of focus.

This interactive map will help you envision where we plan to focus our labors.

The pins in this map on the coast of western Mexico mark the area that we will target. Between the red star to the north (Guaymas, Sonora) and the red star to the south (Mazatlán, Sinaloa) are over four hundred miles of coastal lagoons, coves and estuaries that are home to dozens of fishing villages, inhabited mostly by descendant of the historically nomadic Seri Indian tribe.

The villages marked with yellow pins are only the ones we’ve been able to locate using Google Earth. Well before the end of the year, we plan to have visited many of the villages on the northern end of this stretch. These villages have no appreciable Gospel presence and several of our contacts in the area feel that they are ready for harvest and have been praying – some for several years – that someone would help bring the Gospel to them.

Our History

Married now for 33 years, Dana and I have spent 25 of those years on the mission field and most of the balance involved in some kind of ministry (bi-vocational pastorate, eldership, teaching) in the US. We are passionate about the church, about missions, about discipleship, and about fulfilling the Great Commission. Learn a little more of our story here before going on to the next video.

Missiology & Methodology

Over 30 years of ministry has given us a wide and deep range of experience. Our take on missions is built on on biblical principles and shaped by our extensive hands-on engagement. Our approach and methodology are real-world developed, field tested, and have stood the test of time as the nomadic church built on this methodology continues to thrive to this day.

Our Vision

Between March of 2016 and March of 2017, I made six separate study trips to the coast of the Gulf of California. In that time, I developed working relationships with several national and expat Christian workers in the area, gathered information to define regional missions needs, and have developed a strategy that will work hand-in-hand with existing churches and ministries to see an unreached stretch of the coast evangelized, discipled and churched.


Our funding needs are straightforward. We have developed a budget that is modest and simple but, we feel, sufficient to meet our needs and allows us to minister freely without undue distraction over financial concerns. Please view this short video. If you wish to learn more, you can do so here.